School days

TRAN THI THU TRINHNationality:Viet Nam AM Course

My favorite time is cooking, sometimes cooking Vietnamese food with classmate, Vietnamese food cooked by Japanese foodstuff is also delicious.

REQUIERME DOMINIQUENationality:Philippines  PM Course

I practice Japanese conversation during part-time job.

ZENG YUYINNationality:China PM Course

I was worried before coming to Japan because it was my first time to live by myself, but I got used to it soon, got friends, enjoyed every day a lot. I am planning to study Painting after Japanese language course.



I like nature and life rhythm of Miyazaki. I enjoy surfing and golf on holidays.

HNIN PHYU KHINGNationality:Myanmar AM Course

I got many international friends in Miyazaki, and got to know each countries culture, it helped me to broaden my horizon a lot.

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