The graduate’s voice

Graduate from S class in 2019/span> MAI THI THU THUY Nationality:Vietnam

I always worked hard for the purpose of getting the first place in exams when I was in Japanese language course. Also I was interested in joining various activities. I really enjoyed myself for two years of Japanese language course. Now, I have been studying at higher education at out of Miyazaki prefecture, I feel so nostalgic about Miyazaki.

Please make a lot of memories while you are in Miyazaki. All of school teachers are kind, so that you can talk to them at ease if you are in any troubles. Do not forget your purpose of coming to Japan and study Japanese hard. Teachers as well as I are always rooting for you.

Graduate from S class in 2020 YOON SEOYUN Nationality:Korea

Hello! I am SEOYUN, came to Miyazaki two and a half years ago. Actually, the place of Miyazaki isn’t really known in Korea. So I have never imagined to come here for study.

But my childhood friend who graduated from Japanese language course of this school recommended Miyazaki to me. At that time I wanted to live in Japan but couldn’t speak Japanese at all, so I worried whether I could live alone in Miyazaki where not so many Korean people live. Finally I decided to come to Miyazaki courageously. However, I couldn’t understand at all at my first lesson even though teacher spoke slowly. I was afraid that my teacher might get angry with me because I couldn’t understand even easy matter, but my concern went away after seeing my teacher taught me gently one by one. My teachers paid attention to all my problems from accommodation to various living issue, I as well as my family in my country felt relieved.

The care from teachers were very helpful for me living alone. I know a big city is good place, but I think to study in Miyazaki is better because it has clean air and warm hearted people.

Graduate from A class in 2020 NEUPANE KHEM KUMARI Nationality:Nepal

I am NEUPANE KHEM KUMARI. I came to Japan in April 2019. At that time I had complicated feelings because I thought that what kind of living would start from now and that whether or not I could live alone apart from my family.

While living in Miyazaki, I had enjoyable things as well as sad and hard. However I felt hard, I got help and kindness from all of teachers, I could overcome it. I really appreciate it for them from the bottom of my heart.

Now I left Miyazaki, but I will have never forgotten my two years spent in Miyazaki. I think it was good that I came to Miyazaki, made a lot of friends and met teachers who took care of me like my family.

At wherever I study, I am going to try to keep my experiences which teachers gave me. And I am going to work hard so that I can be show grown up myself to teachers someday. I really could get so many good experiences because of coming to Miyazaki. Thank you so much.

Graduate from S class in 2020 CAO NIAN NIAN Nationality:China

My two years of Japanese language course were fulfilling two years. I had so many things during this two years, but my best memory is the experience which I felt through “molding with sand”.

In that activity our class became senior students and I realized strongly that we became the person who led junior students. Although I felt anxiety, our work which we made cooperatively along with improvements to the end got good review and I remember I felt great fulfillment and impression through it.

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